insanity (eng)

autor:: David

rubrika:: psycho

his infernal majesty
scratching on our faces,
claws prepaired to cut.
Deserted, crying places
that experienced the
bitterness of lust.

Eternal goodness
of the old wrinkled man
sleeping under a tree.
Beaten up by KK Clan,
his black skin
utterly covered with flies.

Touch the lip of heaven
with the tip of your tounge
and experience its sweetness
on the way to hell, so long
covered with diamonds.

Biting on your nails
you won't hear the madman crying
while you're dancing
with his crippled wife
in a moment which
feels like dying,
sucking on your lover's blood.

napísanísané:: 7.10.2004

prečítalo:: 874 ludí

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