Legion of the righteous ones... (II.)

autor:: Miroslav Kizák

rubrika:: poezia

Epsilon-Kappa pt. – Legion of the righteous ones...

The dawn isn’t coming, strange phenomenon, unseen for thousands of years,
enemy’s at the gates, threatens the world we know, arouses our most unknown fears,
the war is knockin’ on the heaven’s door, a heavy sound, the church tower’s chiming,
liches and necromancers urge their undead troops in deciding march for annihilation,
evil tide turns in a flood, horn blow on attack, a progressing mayhem not nice,
seraphs pray for the thirty special Hearts’ expected arrival, for perfect timing,
each embodies a virtue of men, may it lead to desired victory and liberation,
nature, angels, steel, life, earth, warriors, six powers, significant saints to sacrifice,
the universe of Light calls for your help, to restore eternal rapture it wants,
bring us safety and peace, oh, blessed Legion of the Righteous Ones.

Pt.6. - Eagleheart (freedom)

Determined with supernatural powers, spreads his silver-glimmering wings,
flying freely, watching over the land, ascending to the skies, a majestic king,
playing with the rain, dancing in the air, our guardian, almost a phantom,
living on the highest mountain crest, here settles the thatched nest, close to sunrays,
aware of menace trying to conquer the Earth, a stunning roar bursts from his chest,
sings the message of Light, mobilizes other Hearts for anthem rhymes of freedom,
till he persuades them to join a holy crusade, won’t give up and become an easy prey,
leads an unpredictable uprising, independent humanity be important, not so the rest,
can’t gain what desires, he must grab the cold steel and fight till blown apart,
follow our leader over the hills and far away, glory for the Eagleheart !

Pt.7. - Wolfheart (wisdom)

Night is falling on the forest, howling of sadness, the trees are weeping,
it’s a wolf, the ruler of the pack, the future in millennial almagest foreseeing,
fullmoon is rising over the starry horizon, driving him into madness,
a sad clairvoyant feeling what’s about to come, worries overflow all thoughts,
can see the storm, bloody waters, fallen angels, whirling forces of Pentagram,
but he remains calm, the knowledge and wisdom will help to defeat the darkness,
endless bookshelves conceal precious secrets, recipes for potions by ears caught,
magic for blacksmiths to craft the best weaponry delivering death to the damned,
he’s the spiritual force, strengthens invisible abilities, making people smart,
the arcomage of the army of marching Light, the wise, the Wolfheart.

Pt.8. - Lionheart (bravery & heroism)

Fear is the greatest frailty of every fighting soldier, prevents dexterity,
stuns warrior’s feet, feels like taking roots, becomes a defenseless entity,
he’s aware of it, so starts to teach the others and leads them to dauntlessness,
for courage reveals great deeds, boldness boosts rapidly the speed of blade,
gives extra seconds to deal a precise strike, perfectly synchronized sword and shield,
in small eyes huge fires play a blazing game, agelong desire for giftedness,
sparks ignite almost patriotic zeal, a flail and hammer the rest have made,
armed to the teeth, devoted, enthusiastically the yoke of destiny he wields,
no grim on face, no dread in head, just bravery entwines, covers the scars,
he battles till the very end, even when all hope’s lost, the Hero, the Lionheart.

Pt.9. - Falconheart (quickness)

Like a thunder from the sky, swift and strong, he hurries to an elegant hunt,
to evade the accurate grasp, the victim should behave and act quickly, as a stunt,
but in Gaia’s realm, no creature faster than falcon in the wilds can be found,
he appears and kills, eats the trophy, in a moment it seems unchanged stayed this place,
a ghost of aerial sphere, an image of greatness, speed of sound, wonder of nature,
so dexterous and stealthy, invisible to enemies, the might within to the wings is bound,
they’re the strength, life and deadly advantage, allow acceleration in incredible pace,
evil foes won’t escape his claws, can try, but will end unsuccessful, captured,
the trial and judgement, in the same time are done, gone all bastards,
their prosecutor and executioner, rapid like a sting of razor, the Falconheart.

Pt.10. - Scorpionheart (ultimate warrior fighting to break his curse)

Stands all alone, outcast from heaven, cursed by hell, a joke of fate,
too dark to shine, too shiny to cast a shadow, a martyr to double-sided hate,
long anguish left its evidences on his appearance, looks forbidding, hurt to the core,
false angels’ swords cut deeply into meat, mercy in face, blackness inside,
fiends’ whips lash and bruise, mark the tormented with inverted signs, hell,
now he has decided, with unselfish deeds the renown to regain, better than before,
head and trunk turn into human form, the rest doesn’t change, continues the stride,
the past he threw away, takes the equipment with hope the foes will burn well,
an ultimate warrior, fights to break his for-eternity-meant curse, once and for all,
a half-scorpion, half-man, the will of the Scorpionheart will break even the hardest wall.

Pt.11. - Swanheart (grace & beauty)

An ugly duckling from the moment of birth, almost like a caterpillar of a future butterfly,
taunted, hassled by siblings and false friends, in the night, in sorrow she cries,
the veil of black threads, only it understands, knows what’s hidden within,
a blood-drummer of gold, spirit of pure innocence, an inner force,
an unseen beauty soon to arise, warmth for all errant souls, last hope,
suddenly a blinding light flashes, so wonderful, a prodigy from the river’s kin,
beauty spouted on her, duckling turned into a graceful white swan, pain divorced,
now admired by the world around, spreading harmony, never to stop,
even the angelic painter wouldn’t comprehend all the love her heart conceals,
what unity, friendship and peace bring, the Swanheart, the gifted, she’ll soon reveal.

Pt.12. - Ravenheart (wanderlust & good deeds)

Inside restlessness awakes, makes him to start a journey for glory, to abandon the motherland,
on the dark wings, he flies through mountains, rivers, seas and oceans, to reach the nature’s hand,
discovers hidden locations in forgotten corners of Earth, finds beauty in things before unseen,
talks to animals and plants, hearkens to the birds’ chirping, dance of raindrops on the leaves,
looked up to thousand-colours-pied flowers, greeted shining-green trees, took a bow and left,
to millions of places still not visited, desire for distant cultures hardened his faith, may it be keen,
on one of the travels noticed a black-burning field, an army forging ahead, and grieved,
those treacherous demons, they came to destroy the grandeur he admires, to commit a theft,
blasphemers, renegades, foul beings, fear the revenge of Nature, by a vow, thou wilt die,
run for your lives, when croak of the Ravenheart, the wanderer, dismembers thy lies !

napísanísané:: 22.8.2006

prečítalo:: 792 ludí