autor:: quidko

rubrika:: poezia

I have missed you for so long
Dreamed about you girlies dreams
Wrote your name on all the walls
Painted your face everywhere

I tried to talk to you so many times
I wrote messages on the sky
I’ve sent you greetings on the clouds
Kisses on the water and the wind

I’ve heard your voice in the storm
And in the singing of the birds
I saw your face in the moon
Your eyes were shining with the sun

I wanted you to break me
Change me in your way
I wanted disappear in
Your love
My love
Whose love was it?

Is it love,
If you have to loose yourself?
Why can’t you love me as I am?
I didn’t ask you to change
I didn’t want you to be different

I just wanted to be loved
I just wanted to be happy
I just wanted...

I wanted...

Probably to much again

napísanísané:: 3.10.2005

prečítalo:: 638 ludí

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